Distance 3.5 kilometres. Approximate time: one hour Enjoy a stroll around the narrow, old streets of Olvan, buy some fine cured meats at Cal Villegas, visits the parish church of Santa Maria, and why not also take time to have lunch at a restaurant, where you will be sure to find a menu to suit your taste. And then it is a pleasant walk back to Collcervera.

Head out in the direction of La Pera and follow Route 4  almost until the Cinc Alzines hilltop is in sight. Then 50 metres before the main road heads off towards Cinc Alzines, take a left, where a small sign for the 'Variant Ocata' turning marks the way to the village of Olvan. The route then passes through a cattle gate, and the road continues westwards through the fields as far as an old youth camp, close to the river which is crossed by a footbridge alongside the shed.

The stream is known as La Riba, and supplies the village of Olvan with its water. There is a water spout nearby the road to Gironella, before crossing the bridge, at the Font del Rull. This is a popular spot to fill up on drinking water.

Continuing along, further small signposts for cyclists show the way to La Quart, which is the route to follow. From here it is a walk of fifteen minutes or so to your final destination. The route runs through the fields and climbs a small hill, which offers the chance for a breather while enjoying the picture-postcard view of the village.