Distance 3.3 kilometres. Approximate time: 50 minutes. This is an easy stroll which can also be done by bike as the whole route is by road.

Leading through farmland, old sprouting holm oaks and oaks, a few pines and other vegetation: rosemary, thyme, gorse and grass.

Follow Route 4  as far as La Pera, and after the Cinc Alzines hill, take a left. There are a number of turnings, but you should follow the widest and most well-trodden.

The gentle slope of the road gradually rises up to a height of some two hundred metres above the starting point. This offers a clearer view of the Encija uplands, Queralt, Camp de Parets, Sant Isidre, La Masia del Raurell, Els Plans, Xiulans, and in the distance the Viure hills and the Shrine of La Guàrdia. Beyond lies Montserrat, and to the west the village of Casseres and the hills of Taravil and Capolat.

On arrival at the ruined house at Ocata, where a few sections of roofless wall still stand, looking down to the left is the Shrine of Santa Maria de Valldaura, a very popular site for summer camps. Anyone wishing to cycle on, or continue a further 25 minutes or so on foot, can follow the road eastwards, and then head north along the tarmac road to the Shrine of Sant Maurici, where there is a restaurant.