Distance 3 kilometres. Here we continue from the end of the Route 2. Approximate time: 50 minutes. This walk is somewhat more challenging in the last 150 metres before the final destination. On a clear day it is well worth the effort. The diminutive plateau of Sant Isidre offers one of the most complete views to every point of the compass, a place to marvel at the surrounding landscape. Take along a sandwich or snack to charge up your batteries for the return trip, while sunbathing or enjoying the view.

On the right-hand side of the ruins of L'Ocata, take the path which passes through the rocks and scrub, and the odd patch of woodland, leading uphill alongside the Shrine of Sant Maurici towards the house of La Baumeta, passing right alongside its walls on the left. Here a couple of dogs may rush out barking to greet you. They are well used to people, and if you walk on taking no notice of them they will soon leave you in peace. Beyond the house is the tarmac road leading to the summit, and heading north-east towards La Quart and La Portella.

At the peak, between the two sides, where the road turns through almost 360 degrees, take the path heading eastwards and uphill, which will lead you in 15 or 20 minutes to the plateau at the end of the route.

If you do not mind walking for a further hour, you can continue as far as the Shrine of La Quart, from which the village takes its name, located to the north of Sant Isidre and also offering splendid views.

Heading west on reaching the tarmac road, where it begins to climb up to La Quart, the same road will take you to the ruins of the Monastery of La Portella, of which the tower has been restored...