Distance 380 metres. Approximate time: 5 minutes. This is a brief stroll to stretch the legs, or enjoy a quick picnic on top of the south-facing Rock of Les Arnes, taking in the surrounding landscape, the farmland and the woods of holm oaks, oaks, the odd pine and a clump of poplars.

Head out eastwards from Collcervera, passing by the concrete pylon which supplies the house with electricity. The path, which follows the GR1 hiking route towards the village of Sagàs, is very well signposted with red and white markings, and is free of any difficulties right the way to the end, except for the rough, rocky surface, and the occasional puddle in the fields if the weather is rainy.

Before leaving the rock behind, after the fields, where the GR route follows a path between scrubland, rosemary and thyme bushes towards the La Pera watercourse, head right and uphill towards the large rock, which is the final destination. The slight southward-facing slope is the perfect place to enjoy the landscape, a spot of sunbathing or a quick picnic.